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IObit Uninstaller Pro V
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 IObit Uninstaller is a free tool that helps you remove unwanted programs and folders from your computer quickly and easily. It allows you to remove installed applications from your computer, as well as their remnants.

IObit Uninstaller can detect and categorize all installed programs. A list of automatically installed programs is displayed upon initialization, where you can view each program's name, size, and installation date. Moreover, it allows bulk uninstallation in just one click!

With its "Powerful Erase" and "Force Uninstall" features, leftovers or stubborn toolbars won't bother you anymore.

Key benefits:
Remove unwanted programs and folders at lightning speed
1-Click Remove Annoying Stubborn Toolbars
No more leftovers with "Power Wipe" and "Force Eliminate"
Portable, easy to use and free
IObit Uninstaller works in three steps.
First, it creates a system restore point, just in case something goes wrong with Windows afterwards.

Secondly, the program launches the default application uninstaller. Then it searches for residual files and newly created registry keys (you can select which parts you want to delete).

Finally, you can use the "Forced Uninstall" mode to completely remove residual programs and items. Switch to batch mode, use the search function, export the list of programs, view log files and restore points, change the interface language, and get rid of toolbars. You can also view recently installed, large, and rarely used apps, along with Windows updates.

Download IObit Uninstaller Pro V

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