Google has issued an urgent warning to millions of ChatGPT users

Google issues a warning to anyone who has used ChatGPT

Google has issued an urgent warning to millions of ChatGPT users.

The AI chatbot has proven to be very popular since its launch as users have been able to interact with AI in a conversational manner.

However, Google chief Prabhakar Raghavan has issued a warning to those who interact with ChatGPT.

Speaking to the German newspaper Welt Am Sonntag on Saturday, he said: “The kind of artificial intelligence that we are talking about can sometimes lead to something we call hallucinations.

This is then expressed in such a way that the machine gives a cogent but completely imaginary answer.

The massive language models behind this technology make it impossible for humans to observe every conceivable behavior of the system.

"But we want to test it on a large enough scale that in the end we're happy with the metrics we use to validate the responses."

He added: "We are looking at how we can incorporate these options into our search functions, especially for questions for which there is not just one answer.

“Of course, we feel the urgency, but we also feel the great responsibility. And we hold ourselves to a very high standard.

“It is also my goal to be a leader in chatbots in terms of information integrity as well as the responsibilities we take on.

"This is the only way we will be able to maintain the public's trust."

What is ChatGPT:

ChatGPT was first launched late last year and has become an online sensation due to its ability to lead natural conversations but also to generate speeches, songs and articles.

In the simplest of terms, ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot designed to answer questions and respond to queries in text form in a way that feels natural and human.

Created by US company OpenAI, it uses information from the internet to carry out requests and has been trained in back-and-forth conversations so that it can understand follow-up questions, acknowledge its own mistakes and limitations and reject inappropriate requests.

Why did you become so famous;

Although chatbot technology like this is not new, ChatGPT is rare as it has been widely made available for the public to use and experiment with.

As a result, it was quickly used to fulfill very unusual and specific requests — such as writing a song in the style of a certain pop star on a topic currently in the news — with impressively accurate results shared online.

A bot's ability to generate long, detailed answers on often specialized topics is spreading rapidly, sparking debates about the power, utility, and potential dangers of this technology, with many people capturing attention as they were encountering this type of software for the first time.

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