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KMPlayer, just as the name suggests, is a media player for individuals who don't want to worry about compatibility issues, add all kinds of plug-ins, or make a lot of tweaks. Whether you are planning to listen to some music or watch a movie, this app can definitely help you get everything set up as planned. Don't worry too much about the rest. Just as in the case of similar applications, such as VLC, compatibility with most existing formats is key.

simplified interface
We live in a time when simplicity is best. With this in mind, KMPlayer manages to offer an attractive, simple interface that is not cluttered at all, but with all the required features at hand. As a result, you will not have a lot of things to bother you while watching or listening to your media files.

All options are combined into a dedicated right-click context menu. Open or play files, add subtitles, adjust options, adjust properties, or access your favorites from this particular menu. Once done, it simply disappears. This is to ensure that you can access your options only when you need or want them.

Customize it according to your needs

Again, simplicity in appearance does not mean lack of features. KMPlayer stands out as an example. From the options menu, the user can deal with all kinds of aspects like formats, keys, playback settings, subtitle types or systems, capture policies, etc. One can even teach the app to always open in a certain mode. It is definitely on par with many of its competitors.

KMPlayer is an app that manages to strike the perfect balance between having a lot of features and being elegant but less cluttered. It has a lot of features that you would find in similar apps but presented in a much more compact form.

Key Features of KMPlayer:

  • Multimedia player
  • Play DVD, AVI, VCD, MKV, 3GP, OGM, MPEG 1/2/4, Ogg, WMV, RealMedia and QuickTime files
  • Codec files included in the program
  • Reconfigure the program
  • Play corrupted AVI media files
  • Show slow motion and frame by playing video
  • Requires Windows 

File name: KMPlayer.exe
Operating System: Windows
Size: 47.3 MB
Latest Version:
Update date : 25/04/2024
Developed by :
License: Free

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