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New Start11 2.0.7

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The new Start11 update brings seconds to Windows 11

With the Start11 desktop application, you can easily replace the Start menu with a classic version. This Windows 7-style theme is a comfortable return to the look and function you've come to expect. Try a modern Start menu experience with a clean and flat style. Enjoy!

Quick and convenient search access means your new desktop and common apps are always accessible. Do you work with multiple screens? Add the Start menu to the secondary taskbar to always have access to it. Install Start11 by Stardock now!
Choose from several Start Menu layouts
Works on Windows 10/11
Integration of Stardock Walls into the Start Menu
Quickly access the search on your desktop
Add color/texture to start menu and taskbar
Choose your favorite start menu color and enjoy custom taskbar themes. A collection of collage images and textures allows you to customize your computer.

What's coming to Start11
Significantly faster search / detailed search results
Improved search results with a new search engine
Solve simple math problems in the search box
Additional style options
Enhanced productivity features
Improved configurability for Windows 7 / Modern modes
Note: Trial version for 30 days.

File name: start11-fs-setup_sd.exe
Operating system: Windows
Size: 40.2 MB
Latest version: 2.0
Updated date: 15/05/2024
Developed by: Microsoft
License: Free 

Download Start11 mod


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