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IObit Software Updater 5 is an easy-to-use system tool for Windows users to install and update software with just a few clicks. It provides a fast and safe way to detect and update outdated software and download hundreds of popular software for Windows PC through the software, which will save users a lot of time and effort.

With the expanded database, this updater now supports installing and updating programs in 7 categories: Web Browsers, Remote Work Tools, Security, Social Media, Multimedia, Runtimes, Utilities & Gadgets. It also supports updating the multi-language version of some popular software, such as Firefox and WinRAR.

With the one-click update approach, it frees you from updating programs one by one from different sources and websites. And this software has optimized the update algorithms to increase the update speed, saving you more time.

Meanwhile, IObit allows you to automatically scan and update programs at a specified time and shut down/reboot your computer after the update is complete. The Store Unit provides you with the best prices for some interesting and useful software.

All in all, this IObit app must be your best choice to install software or update installed software. Especially when you get a new computer or after you have reinstalled, formatted or upgraded your computer.

Access to hundreds of software updates

The outdated app has several security holes that cybercriminals can exploit. Software Updater with 150% larger software database provides mainstream and instant software updates for you, update more software safely with one click. Updated software will reduce the risk of security vulnerabilities for attackers.

Equip your computer with more useful software

The updater carefully selects highly recommended and popular software covering security, entertainment, productivity and more categories all in one device to meet your daily needs. Remote working tools such as TeamViewer, Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc. have been added, you can download them directly to help you work better from home.

Timely update push and more secure installation

The latest version has improved update algorithms to speed up updates by 150%, and you will receive notifications and information about available software updates faster. Besides, to provide safe and clean software, Software Updater always adheres to strict update processes to ensure complete installation without additional packages, installers, or even malware.

IObit Software Updater is free. Additionally, you can choose to upgrade to the PRO version if you like the advanced features.

Download IObit Software Updater PRO 

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Download IObit Software Updater 6  License KEY

IObit Software Updater 6 Pro Free License key


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