Samsung Smart Switch 4.3.23123.1 PC

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile / 4.3.23052.1 PC

Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch 4.3.23052.1 PC
Samsung Smart Switch is a set of tools that allow you to transfer your data and apps from your old and non-Samsung devices to your new device. It consists of two tools that must be downloaded and installed separately.

You have purchased a new Samsung Galaxy device. Now you need a quick and painless way to transfer your data and apps from your old mobile device to your shiny new device. You have quite a few options, depending on the type of device you're transferring your content from.

You can restore iPhone backup from iCloud to Samsung Galaxy using Smart Switch. Photos, contacts, text messages, events, Wi-Fi settings, alerts, browser bookmarks, and call history are supported for transfer via Smart Switch from iCloud.

Samsung Switch will duplicate all your files and settings between Samsung devices. It is very easy to start using your new device within a few minutes. You need to download Smart Switch on both the mobile devices.

You can also take a full backup of your Samsung Galaxy device on your desktop computer using Smart Switch. Either restore on a new device or restore on previous devices in an emergency.

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile App

It allows you to transfer a variety of contents from your iPhone via iCloud or with a Micro USB to USB Adapter. You can also transfer data from your Android device to your Galaxy device.

Samsung Smart Switch for PC and Mac

It allows you to upload data and apps from your old device to a PC or Mac and transfer almost all of them to your new Galaxy device.

Size: 89.9 MB

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