Download Windows Firewall Control

Windows Firewall Control is a program that manages protection for Windows

Windows Firewall Control is the weapon that gives you the power to control the Windows firewall easily and conveniently, and it is considered the first line of defense against any attacks that may happen to your device.

  The program not only makes it easier for you to manage firewall settings, but it also provides advanced features that allow you to control network access in a more precise way. Whether you are a regular user or a system administrator, Windows Firewall Control is the tool you can rely on to secure your data and privacy.


  • Ease of use: The user interface in Windows Firewall Control is designed in a simple way, meaning you do not need to be an expert to control the firewall settings. Everything is arranged and clear.
  • Advanced rules management: The program provides you with the ability to create, modify, and delete firewall rules with ease. You can control the programs that you want to connect to the Internet and the programs that you do not want.
  • Precise application filtering: Windows Firewall Control The ability to control network access for each application individually, so you can determine who can connect to the Internet and who cannot.
  • Push notifications: A program is trying to connect to the Internet. The program gives you an immediate notification so you can decide whether to allow it to access or not. You have complete control over your device's external and internal communications.
  • Integration with Windows: The program is designed to integrate with the Windows system, meaning that it does not interfere with the basic security of the system and enhances the strength of protection.

An indispensable tool for anyone who wants to maintain the security of his device and control all the details of the communications he receives.

Changes in Windows Firewall Control (2024-04-22):

  • Fixed: After creating a temporary rule from the notification dialog which includes multiple programs blocked, you must close the notification dialog otherwise all new rules are temporary.
  • Fixed: Search functionality in Rules Panel does not include the Description property.
  • Improved: The algorithm for detecting invalid rules for Windows Store apps was updated to avoid false detections.
  • Improved: The error handling and logging was enhanced on certain parts of code.


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