AIDA64 Engineer 7.20.802

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AIDA64 Engineer is a portable tool that provides technical information about the capabilities of your computers and allows you to create reports and run benchmarks.

Since installation is not a prerequisite, you can drop the program files somewhere on your hard disk and click on the executable to run.

It is also possible to use AIDA64 Engineer on any device from a USB flash disk without any prior installations. Moreover, the application does not add new entries to the Windows registry or Start menu, leaving your hard drive clean after removal.

The easy-to-use interface provides quick access to information related to power management, overclocking, sensors, motherboard, OS and runtime DLLs, server, rendering (such as OpenGL, fonts), DirectX, Windows hardware, software licenses and desktop tools , standards, and many other things.

You can use a simple wizard to generate a report of all pages, system summary only, pages related to hardware, software, criteria, custom selection, or upload from file (to TXT, HTML, or MHTML format).

In addition, you can copy entire rows or pages to the Clipboard, customize the viewing mode, create a favorites list for quick access later, as well as perform benchmarking on disks, cache and memory.

The AIDA64 Engineer's job doesn't stop here. It is possible to use a comprehensive monitoring diagnostic tool, testing system stability by emphasizing CPU, FPU, cache, system memory, local disks and GPUs, browsing ACPI, knowing DRAM timings, as well as viewing AIDA64 CPUID data.

A powerful user-oriented application requires low to medium memory to function properly, while staying light on the CPU. It is quick to respond to commands and includes help documentation. We had no issues in our testing, as AIDA64 Engineer didn't crash, crash, or pop up error dialogs. All in all, it comes in handy when you want to analyze your computers.

download AIDA64 Engineer 7.20.6802

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