Download CCleaner Browser 122.0.24525.186 (Chromium)

Download CCleaner Browser

Download CCleaner Browser

CCleaner Browser is a fast, private and secure Chromium-based web browser for Windows. It has built-in security and privacy features to keep you safe online. The browser comes packed with all the tools you need to manage your online privacy, identity, and personal data.

Cleaner Browser is lightweight and now uses up to 50% less memory, as it improves performance and speed. Tabs that you are not using will be automatically suspended in the background based on your computer's available memory. You can control these settings from the Performance Manager section of your browser settings page.

Browse faster. Annoying ads are prohibited because less loading means faster browsing
Complete privacy. It stops trackers and hides your digital footprint, so your identity remains anonymous
Comprehensive security. Surf, shop, and bank knowing you're protected from malware, phishing, and identity theft

This browser can extend your battery life by 20% because you will stay offline longer while browsing. Your browser often drains your laptop's battery. Some smart tweaks allow the browser to use less CPU and RAM when battery power is low. This can extend battery life by up to 20%, which means you won't have to reach for that charging cable as often. These are settings to extend battery life that you can manage from the Performance Manager section of your browser's settings page.

CCleaner Browser Tools:

  • CCleaner is the number one tool for cleaning your computer. It protects your privacy and makes your computer faster and more secure!
  • Adblock. It blocks all ads (or only the most intrusive ads - it's up to you) so web pages load faster
  • Anti-tracking. Protects your privacy by preventing websites, advertisers, and other web services from tracking your online activity
  • Anti-fingerprint. Hide your unique browser profile (browser version, language, time zone, add-ons, etc.) so websites can't identify you
  • Anti-phishing. Blocks malicious websites and downloads to prevent your computer from being infected with viruses, spyware and ransomware
  • Stealth mode. Prevents the storage of your browsing history and dumps any tracking or web cache cookies you pick up during that browsing session
  • Password manager. Stores, generates and auto-fills login details for your favorite sites to make access faster and more secure
  • webcam guard. It stops all applications and any malware from accessing your webcam without your consent
  • HTTPS encryption. This feature ensures that every website you visit uses an HTTPS connection when supported. HTTPS encryption is enabled by default.
  • Extension guard. Blocks unwanted add-ons or plug-ins to help keep you safe, while letting you install components you know and trust
  • Special cleaner. Cleans browser history, cache, cookies, and other junk files to help protect your privacy and free up space

Download CCleaner Browser 122.0.24525.131

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