Download Driver Talent PRO

Driver Talent PRO

Download Driver Talent PRO

Driver Talent is the best Windows driver update software, which offers driver solutions. It allows you to find all driver issues and download and install the correct drivers.

It also allows you to update to the latest drivers, download drivers for another computer, and backup, save, and restore drivers. Moreover, you will be able to uninstall drivers and do much more. Driver Talent will keep your computer and hardware in top condition.

The program can quickly scan and detect all computer drivers that are not working, then fix and repair them. It does this intelligently by providing solutions, such as repair, restart, backup and reinstall. This is very convenient and saves you a lot of energy and time.

This driver manager contains more than 500,000 driver packages, which support 1,000,000 kinds of devices including motherboard, sound card, display card, network card, USB WLAN card, etc. of all brands.

You can enjoy the best gaming experience. Driver Talent will keep all drivers updated, including graphics drivers and game component drivers. It ensures stable hardware performance and quickly fixes errors as soon as they occur while playing games.


  • Quickly. With 10 times faster speed to check for driver problems, download and install drivers. Or update drivers within a few seconds or a few minutes.
  • Backup Drivers: Find out which drivers you need to backup and backup them in no time. All backed up files are automatically saved to your computer.
  • Restore drivers from backup. This can help you restore deleted or missing drivers from backup to avoid driver related issues. Especially when drivers are damaged or lost. This helps fix driver issues without an internet connection.

With comprehensive Windows driver management, you can backup, restore, uninstall and previously downloaded drivers with one click.

  • Uninstall drivers. The program is completely professional to uninstall drivers completely and clearly with no residual files. This is very useful for you to successfully install new drivers.
  • Preload drivers. This feature allows you to pre-download and save drivers for your computer before a system change or restore. Or download and convert the drivers for another computer to install. This helps you get drivers when there is no internet connection on your computer.

Driver Talent for Network Card is specifically designed to solve wired / wireless network driver problems. It allows you to install WiFi / wireless / ethernet / wired drivers without an internet connection. 

Download Driver Talent PRO

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