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DiskBoss 14.5.18

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DiskBoss is an automated and efficient data management solution worth having when you need to analyze disk space usage, categorize and organize files according to your whims, migrate data, scan specific files, and search for hash signatures.

Select sections to clear and view information

When you launch the application for the first time, it will display all the available partitions as well as basic details such as status and file system type, as well as the total and used space. The right-click menu allows you to search for specific files, analyze entire disk space, find and remove duplicates, and assign a new disk label.

Moreover, DiskBoss offers you the ability to browse files and directories categorized by used disk space, filter all analysis results by category, file size and user name, and identify disk space usage hotspots.

Manage detected items and generate reports

Available in the command menu, the Sort & Sort option allows you to effortlessly organize your shared disks, directories, and folders. By pressing the Classify button, the program will automatically scan the entire disk and display the space used by various files, then classify it by extension, creation or modification date.

Also, after scanning a specific section for duplicate files, you can easily delete them or simply replace those files with links to the originals. In addition, you can create charts and display the amount of wasted disk space and the total number of duplicate files by extension, size, username, etc. Next, you can save the list in HTML, XML, TXT, XLS or CSV format.

Another important function of DiskBoss is the CD change monitor which detects all modifications and deletions in real time. It allows you to categorize and filter detected file system changes by file type or extension, depending on your preference.

On a concluding note

In conclusion, DiskBoss has proven to be a stable and effective solution whose main purpose is to perform high-speed file synchronization, secure data wipe, monitor changes in real time, and categorize all files and directories.

DiskBoss Features:
  • Disk Space Utilization Analysis
  • Classification and Categorization
  • Duplicate Files Finder and Cleaner
  • High-Speed File Synchronization
  • Real-Time Disk Change Monitor
  • File Copy and Data Migration
  • Rule-Based File Organizing
  • Rule-Based File Search
  • SQL Database Integration
  • Server-Based Version

Download DiskBoss 14.5.18

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