Why did my WhatsApp turn green? Unexpected changes announced after

update WhatsApp users may be surprised after seeing some simple changes in the app. 


Parts of the messaging service have turned green and some buttons are now the same color as the logo. The arrow button used when sending a photo has changed from blue to green, while the notification to the right of open conversations has also changed from blue to green in a new way.

It comes a week after the popular messaging service asked users to add capital letters to lines. In the chat, users are notified whether the person is 'online' or 'typing'. It has since been updated to 'Online' and 'Writing' and although it is smaller, it hasn't gone unnoticed.

The popular messaging application explained why it changed color. WhatsApp says it 'intentionally' uses color so users can focus on what's important on the screen. If you haven't seen a change yet, it will only be a matter of time. 97 By the way. "

And bad news for those who don't like the new update; WhatsApp has confirmed that the change is 'not something you can accept.'

WhatsApp users may have seen other changes in recent days as the latest update continues to roll out on the website or in color.

Meanwhile, , dark mode has been made 'even darker' for easier reading and white space has been added to that of light mode. Elsewhere, some parts of the app are more separate than before, and you'll see the WhatsApp logo on the tab.
Android users will notice that the tabs that used to be at the top of their screen are now at the bottom for convenience. '


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